15 reasons, you need a buyers agent

When you sell your property, will you engage a sales agent?
Do you know you can sell your property by yourself?
Still more than 95 percent of properties are sold by Real estate Agents.

Do you need a buyer's agent when you buy?

Here’s a list of 15 reasons you need a buyers agent

If you think you might pay more than you need to.

If you don’t know how to negotiate, or maybe you don’t like to negotiate

If the property you're looking for is unique and one-of-a-kind

If you’re an investor looking to make a decision based on numbers

If you can’t even find one positive geared property using realestate.com.au

If you've been looking for a lo….ng time but nothing is happening.

If you're living overseas or interstate, and you can’t go to Open for inspections

You are stressed and hesitant to go for an auction

You are buying your neighbor’s property and want to keep yourself as anonymous from selling agent, so that they won’t exploit the situation.

IF you don’t know what to Look for When Viewing Houses.

If you don’t know how to quantify or value a property, before giving an offer

If you don’t have Access To Experienced Professionals, good mortgage broker, reliable pest or building inspector, which are much Needed During A Transaction

If you don’t have local expertise and insider knowledge

If you want to invest interstate

If you want someone you can trust and work comfortably with.

More than all these reasons
by engaging a great buyer’s agent, you will save heaps of time and stress
and last one….it will save heaps of money

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