3 Criteria you must look for in a Positive Cash Flow Property

Like a needle in a haystack, positive cash properties are rare especially for Melbourinans and Sydney, they aren't even aware it exists. If you look at these properties from a different angle you will find many.

1) Capital Growth

People think Positive cashflow properties has no capital growth

But it's wrong. If you do proper research, buy in the right place at right time, there is no doubt it's going to get enough growth in the first 5 years

You can get positive cashflow property and capital growth of at least 5 percent nowadays

2) Location

Never buy in location where it totally depends on just one Industry

For example Mining towns, or Just tourism jobs


3) Buy Below Market value

Yield is calculated Rental returns divided buy Purchase price
To get higher returns, either you should get more rent or you should buy LOW

Also Look for Tax depreciation, and value add options like renovation option, subdivision option. There should always be many options, which will give you peace of mind.



3 keywords to look when searching for positive cash flow property

Dual key


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