7 things you must check while inspecting a house pre-purchase

Here we talk about seven points you should check when you inspect a property. A pre-purchase inspection

1) Is it all approved

foes all the minor works or any any work carried out in the last seven years has plans and permits like studios granny flats decks swimming pool, spa, compliment certificate, approval from local council.
that's a very good question now uh

2) Look at the roof

is it sagging, has it got any cracks, broken roof tiles you know it can cause a fortune not just replacing the tiles
but the damages caused because of the water came through the roof you know roof tiles okay.

3) Is it structurally okay

structural damages can cause a fortune crack walls may indicate issues such as house is sinking requiring a replacement of stumps um fretting where the motor between the brick for uh brick work falls out can indicate major structural problems
stumps in a sloping and bouncy flows when you walk on the floor it doesn't make any sound it means stumps needs to replace so stumps can be uh timber as well as concrete ones so that leads to the next

4) termites

termites, blisters or bubbles on paint work can indicate termite activity but you can'tfindthe whole termite by yourself you know even the timber looks exactly perfect intact from outside inside there may be still have
lots of termites so be careful with termite

5) is it too wet / damp

brick walls can indicate rising dam or salt damp moisture issues like moldy walls flaking plastics lifting tiles peeling paint or pools of water in wet areas can indicate excessive moisture so be careful with moisture.

6) asbestos

any pre 1980 you know mid 80's uh house there is high chance of asbestos somewhere you know behind the wall floor tiles and cement floors internal external walls ceilings eaves um in garages um extension of houses like you know old shed, old farm ships chook sheds uh even dog candles you know can have asbestos so to handle asbestos is very costly so be careful with that.

7) appoint a building inspector

for the structural damages and other other issues and a pest and termite uh inspector for these sort of termite and any other issues around the house so that's a well worth investment which you do and be careful with before if you are going for auction you should do all these inspections well before the auction
because once you are in auction then you can't write that subjective pest and building inspector uh approval or certificate so you have to do before well before the auction so if it is a normal private sale then you can say subject to finance subject to subject to subject to pest inspector report and all.
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