Are you waiting for the market to collapse? Don't miss your boat!

Market conditions and opportunities and are you waiting for market to collapse are you waiting for the market to touch rock bottom here is my five cents i'm not a financial advisor so you have to get a paid uh financial advices advice for your financial matters see what i think is uh like warren buffett says be fearful when
others are greedy and and be greedy when others are fearful so you must have heard you know like
couple of years ago that one of the television agencies they said you know the market is going to go down
40 percentage and we all read that in facebook and and forwarded articles here and there and what
happened two years later nothing has happened for like one million dollar property 40 is going down means 400 000 dollars less at these 600 dollars now nothing has happened like that so there will be always some articles like that this is going to go down that's going to go down it can go down okay um but what i'm going to say is something different um for example okay one of my friend called me a couple of um weeks ago not weeks ago like a couple of months ago now and said okay there's a property one of his friends wants to sell it valued at 650 and he wants 550 um as quickly as possible that is like he won settlement in like two weeks
if possible an hour or a month a month's time and he sold it for 550 and another uh real estate agent who called me and said okay do you have a buyer um there is a chinese investor who purchased a land here he couldn't come to australia or he couldn't get a loan which he purchased for 390 is it's on offer for 330 now
and 60 grand difference that's in in in 390 000 property the other one and a townhouse in in in saint kilda a million dollar townhouse which um the buyer couldn't get a lawn and the developer is reselling it again
uh reselling it so that's for like eight hundred thousand dollars that's 20 grand 20 percentage less
so these are the opportunities right now we should go and get so irrespective of any market you are not going to get 20 percentage um a discount you know even if it's a crash comes i don't think there's a 20 discount will be there like what i'm saying is this thing consider this as a graph okay so we are here i think this is a mirror image so uh we are here now so hopefully um or uh even if the market crashes it goes it goes down here and from there it goes up right uh so here there's a one million dollar property and and it goes down to probably like 800 here how when will you get to know that this has you know you'll be still waiting at eight hundred dollars you'll be still waiting oh it's going to go down again so at what time you'll think that okay this is right and buy you will know only when the prices goes up right and by the time prices goes up they will be here in here there will be like only one or two buyers here there will be same thing one or two buyers and here they will be like 10 buys okay you are going to compete this 800 dollar property here and a one million property here and with another 10 people they are all going to pay sort of one point one million you are going to probably pay 1.2 million her so that's what i'm saying opportunities arethey are here and this is the time if
you have money this is the right time to grab those opportunities.
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