Buyers Agents / Advocates Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the buyer's advocate?

A buyers’ agent works exclusively for the buyer, whereas the selling agent works for the vendor (seller). A buyers’ agent fees is paid by the Buyer

A buyers’ agent does not sell real estate.


How much does a buyer’s agent cost?

Buyers Agents fees Usually Start from $500 dollars for attending an Auction and $1000 as success fees.

Appraisal and Negotiation is approximately 0.75 %

 Full service approximately charges from 1.5% to 2%. 

You can fix this too.

( I personally like a fixed price prior, based on average purchase cost)


How much does a Vendor's Advocate cost?

Normally no Cost. 


Are buyers' advocates worth it?

Normally Yes, they can save you time, money, and stress. A real estate expert that’s on your side., they take calculated decisions not emotional. This will help you not paying too much for a property.


What are the benefits of using a Buyers Agent?

Save Money ( they can help find the right true market value of the property)

Save time (A buyers’ agent can shortlist properties faster. Save inspection time, save time in

Save stress and ultimately Buy Right (not making any mistakes)


What services do buyer’s agents offer?

Auction Bidding

Negotiation only

Finding your dream house

Finding an investment property

Finding a site for subdivision

And some does Project Management of renovation too


Are buyer’s agents’ fees tax deductible?

Purchasing costs, including buyer’s agents’ fees, can form part of the cost base when buying an investment property, reducing the capital gains tax an investor would pay when it comes time to sell.

However, owner-occupiers can’t claim any buyer’s agents’ fees as a tax deduction.


How to select the right buyers agent?

Buyer’s agents need to be licensed real estate agents

If buying your dream house it’s important they have experience in the area you’re wishing to purchase in.

Also, make sure they’re independent, and not accepting sales commissions from vendors or developers. Independent buyer’s agents don’t sell real estate or accept any fees for doing so.


How does a buyer advocate work?

Standard steps are,

Strategy - Listening to CLient and formulate a Buyers Brief

Research - Educating customers about suburbs and its prices

Search and SHortlist

Evaluation - The “one” property and discuss how much we can offer

Negotiate - Best price and terms 

Coordinate Pest and Building Inspection

Contract of Sale  and Exchange and Collect Keys!


Is your Buyers Agent fee payable per property?

One Property (purchased)  one fees

For negotiation and Auctions - Retainer fees goes to 3 properties


How long does it usually take you to to acquire a property for a client?

It will takes only 4-8 weeks normally. BUt contract normally writes for 24 weeks

Average buying time (contract exchange) is  5- 6 weeks from date of service engagement.


Do I pay your Buyers Agent service fee up front before we start?

For all services, we request a “Retainer” fee, with the service fee balance payable only when sales contracts are unconditionally exchanged between parties (e.g only once we have acquired your property for you) – this is often termed a “success” fee.


What is your success rate for acquiring properties for your clients?

To date our success rate is 100%

Yes your property is somewhere waiting for you. We will connect that to you! 


I’m still not sure. What if I am unhappy with your service?

We say retainers are refunds. But my Property Buyers coach always says, if anyone is asking for a refund, just refund. That's what I love about my Coach very much. I will do the same and all the time. 

And my guarantee is that you will always be happy with my service.


Where can  you find Buyers Agent?

Please don't go to typical Sales offices. 

Sales Agents represents Vendors or Sellers

They will say that they can help you

But there is a conflict of interest there

Would they show any of their competitors property to you


You should go to Exclusive and Independent Buyers Agent.

Just google Buyers Agent


You can call me at 04818 22557 or just google Buyers Agent,

and you can find many Exclusive Buying Agents.

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