Cant Find a positive Cashflow property?

Can’t find a positive cashflow property?

Let’s help you find it, or we can manufacture it!!

Finding high cashflow properties in good growth areas isn’t easy.

I’m talking about minimum 5 % cashflow returns to as high as 15% or sometimes more.

And as you can guess, it’s actually pretty rare.

You really need all the planets to line up to see one of them

So what is a good positive cashflow deal?

And where can we find it?

If I find a good returns property, then there is high competition and its been picked by someone else!!

Traditional Australian Property Investors always go and invest in a 3 bedroom or 4 bedroom house, because when they buy, they are thinking about themselves living there.

More than 50 percent of Australian renters need just one one bedroom room. Most of them are singles, couples, single parents, divorcees, University students etc.

If we are building 4-bedroom 2 bathroom 2 car garage houses for them, it’s not affordable for them.

So let’s serve what our end users want!

For people who want peaceful investments, we can help find you cracking deals, all done for you,  that provide great cash flow, and allow you to have more money in your pocket.

Here are one example property

There are many more strategies which we can help with you.

Example 1: Two units in one Property.

Total Investment = 5,000


Rent = 3000 / month

Annual rent = 36,000


Total Expenses (including Mortgage) = 34978

Nett: +8182 /Annum

Plus Tax benefits and High Capital appreciation


That means time freedom, location freedom, financial freedom & Netflix freedom.

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