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when you purchase a property so as festive buyer or a investor or a dream house purchaser you know there are so many options which you probably not know so one of the examples which i'll tell you today is my story um when i purchased my first home i could have bought like what others do at that time was like they buy a three bedroom or four bedroom house in craig burn or cranberry which that is the only uh server which i can afford at that time and because my budget was five hundred thousand dollars or four hundred and fifty thousand dollars and what i did is instead of that i purchased a whole house which is a deceased estate this is actually something other uh interesting option which is the owner is passed away and a wheel is written and this house has to be sold to public and the the amount is shared into like if it's three children three children will take a share according to the will so i purchased this deceased estate and this is in a very crap condition very bad condition and i i didn't even tell my wife that i'm going to buy this house so i went for this auction on that day and i became successful bidder and i narrowly signed this contract i went back home and told her told my wife that you know i purchased this house and she was telling no i was joking right i took her to the house and she was crying she was crying because not because of the tears of joy because she is literally shocked what she saw there kitchen is like as knocker birds you know broken shelves broken um bench top and bathroom is there's no vanity it on the table and and the basin is on top of this table with a broken leg so but you know what i didn't put her in that house straight away i renovated totally it's painted inside out floors with tasmanian oak which i polished it beautifully so that's majority 90 and the kitchen is replaced totally with the ikea kitchen okay uh and still all brand new shiny white color um shelves and and bench tops and bathroom also totally um refurbished so i didn't have any pinch in my heart okay i'm throwing this semi-old kitchen and and not so bad bathroom i don't have problem you know or why should i should i replace it but this one i didn't have any pinch you know in my hear just throw it off everything and brand new kitchen and brand new bathroom so then later i subdivide this big back here which is 1100 square meter backyard and put two additional units so the total value of the house has gone up like you know then it was 500 dollars i purchased now it's around 2.2 million dollars so then uh so that sort of growth you are going gein few years but others who purchase normal house they have to wait for a natural growth to happen uh and that means growth is so low so to buy their second house they have to wait for this equity to grow few more years and that weight is you know all depends upon so many other factors what if corona comes what if a recession you know so many so but here you are you are in control you are manufacturing your property's growth so that's just one option second if you don't have money to sub divide and build a house which always in a lawn you know i don't have much of money and then to build two houses so just buy an old house or renovate it that's just these are the normal options there are so many other options you can buy a property in brisbane with a positive cash flow property and put extra money in your pocket every month and you stay where you are now which you love right your kids are going to school there why you want to buy a house in cranbourne and you have to move everything very and you have to drive 40 kilometers every day to school so every day to your work kids don't like the school property you know i'm telling you some example you know carmen is a nice place i love cranbourne i'm not talking about kanban but there's so many options available now and some of them uh which i can tell you book an appointment if you want to know uh about uh what all options are available for your circumstance whether it is a festive buyer whether it is your uh third or fourth house also whether you want to retire now uh with some big cash flow replace your income financial freedom is what you're looking for or your dream house there are so many so many options which you don't know which i can help or my team can help so book it apparently now it's 15 minutes that's free for you and this is a take take action now bye hadees from bias help
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