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Rich dad poor dad by robert kiyosaki this purple book you know it's it's different from its color itself they were trying to look at 30 32 million people read this book i was just googling it today 30 million people that's more than australian population hey hell so it changed my life i'm sure after out of 30 million people so many people have you know changed their perspective at least and and their and their attitude towards life so how many how many years you will work you cannot work morning to um evening every day 365 days um a year see my i'm coming from a middle class family my my dad and mom goes uh to work every day morning and come back at the end of the month that's the in in india uh the salary they give monthly so end of the month we are really struggling all the time all the time you know like first couple of weeks we are lavish and towards the end we have problems so um um this book actually told us you know is telling us okay from employee you can become a self-employed or you can become a business person who knows who runs a big business you know employing a hundred two hundred three hundred people uh and with all these money even from employee you can invest in some anything you know as an investor you invest in something and and get money from that so money will work for you so that's what we all want to do at the end of the day we have money has to work for money you know we can't work all the time you know like we can work our time okay that's two three hours extra day you can work and it gives some money but you know what if you're you are not able to work and your health is deteriorating and you are 65 or 70 years old you have to depend on on on government pension for that to live so think about money working for you and you are not doing anything you you know even though you are working you know you can still work you know peacefully when the money comes to you so that's what we all should try and financial freedom only comes when you are an investor so buy properties it's just that i know okay buy properties as much as you can something which gives you money okay not only just capital growth but also also positive cash flow a a house which produces money after paying all the expenses is a positive cash flow property so if you have post educational property and which you can reap which that rent and money coming from that property can replace your income you're basically financially free so rich dad poor dad if you have read that book read it again and gift it for christmas to your ask your children to read this book you all should know and enjoy financial freedom

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