Free One Hour Webinar On High-Yielding Investment Property

It is a real estate investor's dream to have multiple high-yielding investment properties across Australia. Expensive places like Sydney and Melbourne are some of the most attractive sites for people to rent out a home. Nomads, tourists, and students are always looking to spend quality time while living in a hassle-free place.

The concept of co-living is growing increasingly in these places as well as all over the world. To define it in simple terms, co-living allows people to live together in a home. This bunch of people is not related to each other by blood or family.

How Is Co-living Beneficial For Investment Property?

The prices of properties are skyrocketing, and most young people today can barely afford to pay high rental prices, leave alone buying a property. Given the situation, co-living is a great relief as it provides many benefits to these otherwise homeless people.

Co-living allows you to rent a room with people similar to you and enjoy sharing bills, utilities, living space, and the kitchen. This has a lot of benefits as the rent is not huge as it gets divided between six or seven people or more at times. Plus, you can pay electricity, gas, water, and Wi-Fi bills at once instead of paying several bills.

And there's more to it, for instance, if you are co-living, in modern times, most owners keep their lease as short as one week or month. Moreover, you get a furnished home with warm water and new people. So the only thing you need to do is come with your suitcase and enjoy your stay.

How Can Investors Earn Profits From Co-living?

Jacob Borner, Business Development Manager of Gallery Group, along with the owner of Buyers Hub Sateesh Palliyil, are going to show you exactly how. They are both specialists in finding positive cash flow properties and discussing co-living's intelligent concept to investors. Moreover, they are experts whose groups have successfully rented out each home for $900 every week.

The duo is going to hold a one-hour free webinar where they will spill the secrets of investing in the right property in Brisbane, Melbourne and Regional Victoria. Both Sateesh and Jacob are confident that you will be a smarter investor who will make the right decisions by the end of their webinar.


Join their free 1-hour webinar that is going to happen on the 12th of October at 6:30 pm IST. You must join the meeting room ten-fifteen minutes before to avoid losing out on any precious minutes while joining. Sateesh is an agent and buyers advocate who researches for affordable positive cash flow properties. He does this in areas that will deliver guaranteed financial returns for a very long time, without a doubt.

This webinar could be your ticket to becoming a real estate multi-millionaire investor who will be financially free. Jacob, on the other hand, brings a diverse selection of houses and land packages. He offers these in both South East Queensland and Victoria. Soon, you will realize that attending this free webinar was one of your best decisions till today.

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