How House And Land Packages Work

Purchasing a brand new house with all kinds of comfort and luxuries is one of the best feelings one can experience in a lifetime. However, possessing a fully furnished house with sparkling floors and all the new fittings can cost you a lot of time and money. But there’s no reason to be heartbroken, a house and land package can help you to be the owner of the house of your dreams.

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What is a house and land package?

House and Land package is a house purchasing scheme offered by the property developers in the newly developed house estates. If you buy a house under House and Land package, you don’t need to buy a piece of plot and then contact a builder to start building your home from scratch according to the home design. In short, you purchase the land along with the house built on it from the developer in a single deal. There can be two scenarios- the house can be already built or the builder can build a new home on the newly purchased piece of land before selling both of these to you. You will have the full freedom to choose one of the home designs from the display homes. You can also get it customized according to your budget and requirement.

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Is the ‘House and Land Package’ for you?

A lot of people can find the House and Land package suitable for them. Be it someone with a limited budget or first-time home buyers. Even if you want to purchase a new house in the outskirts of the city, House and Land package can prove to be the smart choice. Even the big families or retired couples can avail the House and Land package to invest in a house near to nature. You can also purchase a house via this package and give it on rent.

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Timing: House and land package vs Traditional Methods

As expected, Investing in a House and Land package is the swiftest way to own a well-furnished home. You can even move in within a month once you negotiate, clear the payments, and sign the contracts. On the other hand, the traditional method requires you to search for a vacant piece of land and negotiate with the seller and then make a deal. Later, you have to find a builder who is well experienced and then get the house built from scratch. This process can take years. Still, you may face some problems later.

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Price: House and land package vs Traditional Methods

In the House and Land package, usually, the land can be acquired at a cheaper price since they are mostly located in the suburbs. Likewise, the total cost of building a house in the House and Land package is comparatively low because of scalability factors. On the other hand, if you purchase a house using traditional methods, it will be costlier in comparison. House and Land package also give you some time to look into the monetary matters and you can even pay in installments. In the long run, you’ll have to spend less on the maintenance of a newly constructed house.

Financing of House and Land package

Purchasing a house in House and Land package requires two steps: Purchasing the land and building a house. So you have to sign two contracts and take two loans. However, the two loans can be converted into one by the loan provider. The loan provided for purchasing a piece of land is called a Standard Home loan. On the other hand, if you purchase a house you have to take a construction loan. In a construction loan, you have to pay the builder at different stages and not all at once. So you can withdraw the loan amount in stages and you don’t have to pay the interest of the entire amount from the start.

Pros and cons of House and Land package


Cost: Buying a house through House and Land package is cheaper than the traditional purchase. Investment: Since it’s a cheaper way to buy a house, your profit will rise in the longer run. Timing: Constructing a house through House and Land package takes less time than buying vacant land and then constructing a house on it. No hidden cost: You will be presented with the total cost at once unlike the traditional way of building a house. Brand New: It’s an out-of-this-world feeling to move into a newly constructed house not used by anyone before. Suitable: Since you are the one to choose the design of the new house and get it customized, you are not going to face any problems later. Low maintenance: Since the house is newly constructed, you don’t have to spend on its maintenance and fix the wear and tear.


Limited Designs: Builders may have only a few home designs for you to choose from. Location: Often, houses under the House and Land package are located in the suburban area far from the main city. Lack of local services and infrastructure: Due to being situated far from the main city, essential services like schools, hospitals, shopping centers are not present nearby. Delays: Sometimes there can be some delay to do weather conditions in the outskirts, or problems in the supply of raw material, etc.


That’s pretty much about the House and Land Packages. As mentioned before, this is one of the most affordable and time-saving ways to own your dream home. However, you need to carefully choose the location, builder, and home design so that great results are achieved in the end.

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