How to achieve financial freedom in 10 months without leaving your day job

how to achieve financial freedom within 10 months nearly 10 months and without leaving your day job is it really possible is this for me i'm an ordinary australian i've been to all those seminars and conferences and i have seen people being called to the stage and they'll tell you i on 100 properties now i get my day job i'm financially free so i always thought that that is only for them it's not for me i can't i can't do that and now when i'm and i'm talking about financial freedom now i'm talking about uh ordinary australians again like five thousand dollars a month is this is something which uh what you want to retire that's what that sort of figure i'm talking about i'm not talking about ceo of commerce bank who like gets two million dollar a year uh sixty thousand dollars a year if that's all you want to retire and call it as financial free and i have a scheme for you and this is not a positive scheme this is a scheme by federal government it's called national disability insurance scheme this is a beautiful scheme done by federal government to help disabled people to have a beautiful house no and they you know like like two other people or three other people and and share this core living area and they pay handsome rent for this investment so i'll tell you an example uh property which i have done for my uh client he has purchased a property six hundred sixty thousand sixty thousand dollars six sixty thousand dollars and rent is a hundred and twenty thousand dollars and if after all expenses and mortgage paid uh you are going to get around 80 000 dollars that's around six thousand two hundred dollars a month after all expenses see now when you're talking about just one property and you can you're going to get that bunch of friend you are financially free so um that's what i'm talking about financial freedom is for everyone everyone should think about that at one stage you cannot work forever and ever you know 65 75 85 if you want to think long term this this is what exactly what my mother has done she has like three or four properties and she used to get all these rent from different area and she never used to bother about her what is going to happen you know if she gets some disease or something there is she got three or four properties and she gets continuous rent all mo mortgage paid and that's what she used to leave so i know how to be financially free and what is the uh beauty of uh living a financial free life so this is something which you think about google ndis sda and you got you get lots of information build one for yourself and this is going to change your life and financial freedom is for you too bye

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