How to find out Supply and Demand in 2 minutes

if you search for suburb profile and the suburbs name and you will get uh real estate or comrade use suburb report you scroll down and you see something called supply and demand in scores fee so this is the easiest way to find out how the market is now at this stage so now the average visits per property in victoria is 1206
and average visits per property in scores v is 1530 it's more than the average victoria so that that you know this is only in victoria okay queensland is slightly different here this means high demand market for example if you go to glen beverly it's it's uh number of people is less only 712 people so still they shows uh high dividend market but i would say this is having less people than score fee which is 1530 and let's go to other suburb if you go to say rosanna rosanna's market is number of people looking is 2168 people compared to 700 in scoresb uh compared to 700 in glenwaverly and 1500 in scores fee so which is the best about to invest now
see out of so many factors one thing which we always check is the demand supply and demand so if this number is so high we as an investment specialist we don't want to go and you know fight with other people so this is one thing you must check when you buy a property radish from buy yourself.
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