How to find out the price of property when the ad says "Contact Agent"?

how when you are looking at property when you are looking at property in real right you sometimes you will not see the price it will say contact agent so today i'm going to talk about how you can find the property price without calling the agent so you are in real reu and
you are you found a property which you like and see there is no price um so contact agent says so go to that
particular ad and here you can see click statement of information just under the contact agent and it will
open a pdf that pdf says range uh for the meaning of this price see consumer dot big dot i use slash under
coding uhit has a detailed all the details how how you can read the statement of information range must be 10 percentage sort of things so here range means um this 980 thousand dollars to one zero
seven eight so if you put an offer for uh this house of 1.1 million they have to and they haven't sold to you at that price even though they have put this price then they have to come back and update the whole statement of information so it's the consumer affairs always come and audit the whole documentation and this is another thing which you should check comparable properties and three comparable property comparable properties you will see here which is  very close to the characteristics of this property so if this has four bedroom this must be for not must be for good but very close to that property and this these three
properties should be within two kilometers uh of the property for sale and the sale date should be like in less
than six months so this is a very good document you must check every time before you call the real estate agent and that is a way how you check a property's price
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