How to find Positive cashflow property in 10 minutes without the help of Professionals

just google list of cities by population so you'll find this one okay and so let's like list of cities operation so here you see the whole top cities here and sydney and melbourne is very hard to find positive cash flow property so scroll down a little bit more and i love brisbane perth and adelaide to find foster carer properties here but i am i'm just taking some other you know bit more cheaper properties so look at like properties um just any suburb here i don't know um new south wales still will be retired uh queensland jim p maryborough let's go with maryvaro and m-a-r-y maryborough queensland 4650 search under offer is not a great thing to see and oh you can under offer so lots of wonderful means market is market is hot you know you don't want to go and compete with all other people under of the game wow yeah that's okay if you want to refer us again let's see so we put maximum price as say 300 thousand dollars or 275 bit more cheaper and house the update still 108 results which is good referee ignore this is a nice house this is a good renovation potential house two fifty thousand dollars again you try this two hundred and ten thousand one eighty five thousand two bedroom and double story because you know maybe in flood affected area that's what they cannot build anything underneath on the ground floor everything will be on the top let's see these two houses 210 000 anything they are saying here see this is 210 000 and rent they have written here element of 678 square meter that's that's positive 280 per week let's put it uh let's check them how do you calculate so basically to calculate you have to put the price here 210 to 80 to 10 and 280 so basically rental income is uh 280 times 52 so that that shows uh annual rental income is 14 560 and divided by the purchase price 210 000 that is your yield see yearly six point nine three percentage so if interest rate is only four point uh four point zero percentage then you get you know i have put extra ten percentage as maintenance and you know property management cost and all yearly cash flow before tax you have four hundred and four thousand seven hundred and four dollars every year into your pocket so that's how you find a foster career property just go to any of those towns um good towns and see whether you can get more details in wikipedia about that site and and see whether if it is a single industry town like mining town just depending on tourism you know tourism uh nowadays you know corona time is completely closed so if you are depending only on one in the streets you're pretty tough uh pretty risky not tough risky uh don't go there and look at the population as well if it's below 2000 again banks won't give you a loan it's hard to sell those sort of issues so this is how you find a positive cash flow property easily in through

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