Most Economical and Habitable Suburbs of Melbourne Disclosed

Most Economical and Habitable Suburbs of Melbourne Disclosed
It’s not easy to come by a good home near the city at affordable prices. Usually, the
cheaper the price, the more further away from the city the property becomes. That
can be inconvenient for those who work or enjoy city life.
According to the latest reports of 2020, the properties in the top suburban tiers have
exorbitant prices. But there are several middle-ring suburbs (20 kilometers of the
CBD) in Melbourne that are on sale for buyers on a budget.
The benchmarks on which the reports based are:

  1. Property Tre
  2. Investment
  3. Affordability
  4. Development
  5. Liveability

PRD has identified three suburbs within 20km of the CBD for Melbourne and other cities. Of those Melbourne’s report is given below.

City Suburb Median Price* Rental Yield Future Projects

For Houses
Greensborough $803,000 2.9% $12.9M
Altona $885,000 2.7% $78.2M
Oakleigh South $923,000 2.8% $253.4M

For Units

Moonee Ponts $470,000 4.1% $97.1M
Brunswick East $525,000 4.7% $14.8M

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