Quick 8 keywords for finding subdivision potential properties

if you want to make chunk money subdivision is the the best method now how can i find subdivision potential size there are two keyways which everyone use subdivide and subdivision and i'm talking today about eight other keywords which you can use when you if you want to find a a good site so first one is potential potential is a very good keyword for universities so real estate agent must have seen some potential okay not only subdivision partnership so potential is generic word for you know opportunities and that's what we want so just potentially is very very good keyword and and look for subdivision inside it and the second one is corner block corner block is is a perfect block for a two load subdivision or or 3.4 lot i'm talking about these small solutions okay i'm not talking about major like 12 or 25 or 30 block solution small uh order of civilians can do that to the subdivisions so keep the house in the front and one in the back you can use the road itself you know directly going to the second additional site so you don't need to put a driveway um and make it as a back relax so that saves lots of extra land and the next one is large block so whenever i say two words use it is in codes okay large block is exactly again bigger land so easy to subdivide other ones are dual driveway dual driveway again is a big wider land and must have two uh driveways already built so council uh do not want to create additional drives which already have two audi driveways now they just need to draw a line so they prefer those sort of sites dual title which someone must have bought two adjacent lands together and built a house single house on top of it again easy to subdivide multi-site someone if if the copywriter is using a multi-site it's definitely a multi-site potential world so easy ones and the last but not least the two keywords which everyone uses nowadays are stca and subject to counselor approval with chords again happy surfing happy searching and great and make money using subdivision but some douche make money using subdivisions yes

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