Who’s a Buyer’s Agent

Who is a buyer's agent, in australia most of the agents are sales agents they represent vendors and they get paid by the vendors so who is representing buyer normally no one so that's what we come here okay we we are representing buyers exclusively so we can find the value of the property so normally when someone says okay this house is eighteen thousand dollars um do you know whether it's eight hundred thousand dollars or
is it 750 or is it like one million dollars how do you value the property so we we quantify and this um property okay that's number one so we we'll find out we using our softwares we have lots of softwares which are paid
and exclusively um for us so we have softwares so we quantify the value of the property that's one thing which we can negotiate you know um which we use here for negotiation and the second thing is
that the wave so someone who purchased a property back in 2016 or 2017 in perth they have lost money because they have ended in a wrong market or wrong time so we have a research team who finds
the right place to sub invest at that particular time so around 15 000 suburbs in australia 12 000 are not investable okay they don't have the fundamentals like infrastructure no population um no jobs no industries so total is gone so remaining three thousand which suburbs is rights about invest at this stage at this time
now okay so that's the second biggest question you know you don't want to enter a market in wrong time if you enter in market wrong time it will still grow but it will take time instead of um 10 years it will take probably 15 years so five years we have lost you know like unnecessarily so that's the second biggest thing so if you buy right see you make money when you buy so if you buy right with the right price at the right time then it will grow growth if you buy right then only you can buy the second property then only you can buy the third one so that's how we grow so bias agent plays very important role and most of the big universities they use by s agent all the time without buyer's agent they won't buy going straight away even though they are gurus they won't go and buy straight away they use Buyer's agent all the time.
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