Why I don't trust real estate articles headlines

i don't trust headlines if you are just reading headlines and you are taking that as your information then it's not a true representation of what they have mentioned the whole article because they will say uh property prices has gone up 30 days up like from yesterday or from last year or from like 30 years ago 30 years ago if you look at a a house price and now it's different so there should be a baseline from where to where okay property price has gone up auction clearance clearance rates gone down or gone up uh people can say like last month there was corona and there was lockdown in melbourne and last quarter same thing because last year the same time november there was no corona no no locked on so you should read the whole article and and see what exactly they are saying is it year on year or talking about from last quarter they can manipulate this headline anything so if you're just reading a headline and thinking oh my god my property is not working anymore my 1 million property has gone down twenty percentage means it's only eight hundred thousand dollars so that's that's you don't take that thing you read it properly and especially when you read the data party you read it carefully 20 percentage has gone down from last quarter auction clearance rates okay lastly uh last quarter there was only 20 auctions and only 10 people attended the 20 auctions and only five of them sold because no one can get out of the house it's locked down period you know you cannot go for more than five kilometers and now it has gone up or down you know i'm talking about the coronal time or non-colon time you should read everything very carefully otherwise it can mislead you everything every article got some sort of hidden agenda maybe there may be a writing for um someone some other developers or something like something like that so um read it carefully always just ignore it you know the headlines just ignore it headlines are just like now go see magazines headlines the old days so oh my god this is happening here so if you read it carefully there is nothing oh my god you know it's normal so that's my five sense thank you

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