Why Do Most First Time Investors Buy Wrong?

Today someone called me and when we were talking he was talking about his first investment he told he bought an apartment in flamington and has never grown the price in fact he was saying the price has gone down and this is not the first time i'm hearing the prices has gone down or it's not performing well well as others one of my other friend who bought a apartment in docklands same same story the prices has gone down since the the problem is that one there are few things okay one thing is that um timing the timing is so important in any purchase docklands and and south bank apartment stores are totally different there is that's over supplier some you know there's some other other stuff but there are two basic things you should check in any property investment one is timing and the second is the location itself so when someone is saying okay i purchased a property and it performed sixty percent it's grown sixty percentage uh which is in cranbourne or randy on anywhere we keep that in our mind and and we go and purchase incredible again you know or um the the problem is that when he purchased that was the right time to purchase in that suburb and after three years when we are entering into the market probably it is too late people the prices are already gone up and from there it will still grow maybe after after seven ten years it will still grow but that we lost two three years in growth so uh one more one more example i'll tell you okay share market the best time share market has crashed in march i believe march 2020 now we are in november 2020 and the price that time march is the best was the best time to purchase shares since then probably april may also was okay now the prices are now all all my friends are talking about share market and purchasing shares and all because someone else has made money now now they will talk okay i'm i'm making money i made some money i i made like triple money from my ten thousand dollars to become thirty thousand dollars and people are jumping in now okay i'm not saying that this is still a bad time there's still some room to grow or um i don't know about the fair market okay don't take this as an advice what i'm saying is there's a timing for everything so just because someone has made money and you are going okay some now this same guy will tell you after six months saying that okay my pro my share has gone like 10 10 fold maybe at that time that is the wrong purchase this is what i'm saying timing and you don't take other your friends and sideways just as it is and happy property is always the best safe bet for me and i do advise properties is the right investment you should have in your portfolio but buy right

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