Wrong Way Of Property Inspection

what do you look when you inspect a property?
when you are entering a house open for inspection you can see wow it's nice you know beautiful furniture dining table sofa and dining room dining table is ready for your your eating you know with with plates and
wine glasses and wine bottles and forks and and a knife ready to eat so those sort of thing are we we call it the staging this is to build your emotions so what i am asking you when you when you after you purchase when you enter the house you won't see any of these things there that's that's just for to build build your emotions and uh it won't you it won't come when you purchase the house so make sure that you look beyond the furniture you know look at the floors look at the wall is painted you know the the doors are opening properly
wardrobes are good uh windows uh those sort of the kitchen you have to see many things uh the bathroom that's what you should check the structural things one which comes along other things it has to be listed in the
check list you know the curtains are coming with that sometimes dishwasher they will take off even the dishwasher check the contract of sale whether it is listed you know when you you can take it off the software and other things it has to be mentioned that this furniture is for sale along with when you purchase the
house otherwise it's not coming with you so make sure that you are checking beyond the furniture.
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